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Valmennuskeskus Public

Valmennuskeskus Public is a family-owned company offering educational, training, coaching and rehabilitation services. All over Finland, more than 8,200 people participate in our training courses every year, and we employ more than 100 career coaches and instructors. Every year more than 1,000 people find a job with the help of our services.


Valmennuskeskus Public was founded in 2011, but its parent company KK Valmennuskeskus Oy was established already in 1975. The main services of the company are academic training courses to help pass entrance exams. More than 140,000 people have participated in these courses over the years. More than 100 educational professionals are in charge of the success of our training courses.

An Experienced Expert

We try to respond to the educational, training and coaching needs of the public sector all over Finland. For over 40 years, Valmennuskeskus has gained knowledge on providing educational and training services, which is clearly seen in Public’s operations, too. The great amount of experience benefits customers as strong expertise, concrete results, as well as a comprehensive understanding of customers’ needs and operational processes.

A succesful company

During the past five years, Valmennuskeskus Public has grown very fast. During the first year of operation in 2011, 300 people participated in our courses, and in 2017, there were already over 8,200 participants. In 2015, we received Kauppalehti’s Achievers (Menestyjät) certificate thanks to our excellent financial performance. We collaborate with thousands of companies and employers all over Finland.

The Most Influential Training Company

We want to be Finland’s most influential training company in all our service areas. We believe that we will be able to reach the goal if we are fully determined and cherish the values that are important to us. On the basis of feedback received from our customers and employees, we have managed to follow the following principles in all our operations year after year.


A competent team is in charge of the training and coaching at Valmennuskeskus Public. The team members have various skills in education and development in public financing. In addition to our 12 office workers, our coaches working all over Finland are the corner stone of our business. Every year our nationwide network of experts consists of more than 100 specialists in their respective areas.

Leading training service

We are the biggest training service provider in this field in Finland.

We know our stuff

We have inspiring and competent recruitment specialists and coaches ready to help you.

Customer first

We work in a customer-oriented manner. All our actions are based on your experience, background and goals.

Customer satisfaction

Our results in customer satisfaction and performance are excellent.

Modern way of working

We use modern coaching methods and materials.

Things That Matter To Us

Customer first & agile service

Friendly, supporting atmosphere

Treating everyone as an individual

Reliable service provider

Concrete and extensive results

Meaningful work

Year in numbers

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