Finnish Language Courses

Language skills for employment

  • Sufficient language skills for employment
  • Clear career prospects
  • Becoming a fully integrated member of the Finnish society
Target group
  • Non-native Finnish speakers, who want to improve their language skills for employment
  • Language learners, who are preparing for the YKI test
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About Us

Valmennuskeskus Public is a family-owned company that provides mainly publicly funded education, training, coaching and counseling services. Trainings and coaching sessions are targeted e.g. on job seekers, young people, the long-term unemployed, immigrants and students who are interested in entrepreneurship. More than 8,200 people attend our trainings nationwide each year.

Our instructors are adult education experts and professionals.  Trainings are carried out by local trainers. This ensures regional labor market knowledge to all participants. Our experts come from many different fields; adult education specialists, ESF specialists, language teachers, immigrant and multicultural experts, entrepreneurship and social media experts, psychologists, employment counselors and job coaches.

Finnish Language Courses

As a part of our trainings for immigrants and foreigners, Valmennuskeskus Public arranges Finnish courses. Our high quality material for language learning, together with the latest technology and teachers who enjoy their work, makes learning effective and comfortable.

We will meet and treat every student as an individual and we give a lot of feedback. Every student can easily follow his/her progress by using a smartphone or a tablet. Our language training concentrates on teaching the language skills you need when working in Finland.