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Job coaching in Uusimaa region

Job coaching in Uusimaa region

The core of job coaching is personalized guidance. The coaching is carried out with two different priorities. Coaching can focus directly on finding a job. Alternatively, coaching may be more supported but still focusing to find a new job or a new line of ones career. Both of these emphases are similar in content, but the amount of coaching may increase in the supported emphasis, and may include, for example, the development of the IT skills required for job and training applications.

Coaching is helpful when you need personal guidance to find a job, get an employment contract, and / or establish a job. Coaching can take place both before and during your employment, and is designed to support your transition to and retention in the labor market.

For example, this individual service is a good continuation of job search  training or career coaching (a group training) to whom will need personal support to continue the job search.

From March 2020, job coaching will be carried out over the phone and with help of other applications, like Skype, Adobe Connect and Microsoft Teams. All of our  digital tools we use in coaching are possible to download to your phone. To participate job coaching, you will need a telephone with mobile connection.

Coaching is tailored to your needs. The exact contents of the coaching are determined by the need for the service, so they are different for different people. Coaching content may include:

  • Self-assessment of work ability
  • Job search channels and their effective utilization
  • Expanding and enhancing employment opportunities
  • Changed job search and hidden jobs
  • Marketing your own skills and motivation in finding a job
  • Advice and support at the beginning of employment

Our job coaches are solid experts in the world of work, and they will find and highlight  your skills and strengths. We also work actively with companies in various fields to find a job to you – through our extensive network of contacts, it is effective to reach out to potential employers. For employers interested in employment, we provide comprehensive information on the applicant’s skills, as well as the services and financial support of the TE Office.

The leaflet about the job coaching in Uusimaa can be found here.

How to join

  • If you have a dedicated specialist at your TE office, contact them directly by phone or email at kirjaamo.uusimaa (a) te-toimisto.fi (Please note that encryption by email may involve a security risk).
  • Submit a contact request through the Oma asiointi on www.te-palvelut.fi.